Learn about the Conceptual Brain, and the Mind Works program while gaining insight into your own mental strength and weaknesses.

Could your swimmer perform better under pressure?

Our Mind Works programs are specifically designed to cover key aspect of brain performance and their influence over your capabilities. Our experts concentrate on three crucial aspects; Focus, Emotion and Progress which have a powerful impact on confidence and performance.

The Secret Weapon

If you found a tool that would dramatically change your ability to engage, perform and accomplish anything you wanted to, what would it be worth to you?




Is this program just for swimmers?No, Mind Works course content is not specific to the sport of swimming and can be applied to any home, workplace, athletic or social setting.

What is the purpose of Mind Works?Mind Works is designed to help individuals gain a better understanding of the mind and how it works in an effort to enhance mental performance.

What is the difference between Mind Works and a psychology or anatomy course?Mind Works is a conceptual visual teaching program intended to aide in personal growth. Mind Works uses visual representations of various functions of the mind to help individuals learn more effectively. Mind Works does not make any scientific or psychological claims as part of its course content.

Are certified Mind Works Experts licensed therapists? Can they help my swimmer with mental disorders?Our Mind Works Experts are not licensed psychologists or therapists. Mind Works is meant only as a teaching program, and is not intended to diagnose or treat mental disorders. Talk to your primary doctor or a mental health professional today to address any mental health concerns for yourself or a family member.

How do I access my Video Series Courses?Courses are accessed through the 'LIBRARY' section in the FM Profile.


How does this topic fit within the entire Mind Works curriculum? Should I take it before or after the other sections?This is the recommended starting point for anyone interested in taking our Mind Works program. Discover Mind Works provides a foundation of concepts and information that are expanded upon later in the curriculum.

What is the difference between a private session and an online video series course?Private sessions are “live”, either virtually or in-person, with a certified Mind Works consultant who will teach your swimmer personally. Your swimmer will be able to ask the consultant questions and engage in dialogue to help better understand the material and application. Our online video series courses consist of pre-recorded videos and online workbooks for the same curriculum that the swimmer can complete at his/her convenience.

What if I don't want to continue using the Fast Track? How do I cancel my subscription?You can call our office at (610) 837-9999 to cancel you Fast Track subscription. If you don't live in the U.S. you send us an email(swim@fluidmechanics.net).

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