"Creating a visual shared understanding" - Dr. Bruce Lawrie

Fluid Mechanics is an athletic consulting company that takes a unique visual approach to help swimmers develop, achieve and exceed their goals. Our swimmers have competed in every major international competition, including the Olympics, World Championships and World Games.

Fluid Mechanics was founded in 1987 by John B. Waldman, a renowned leader and visionary in competitive swimming instruction, and a former world-ranked swimmer and record-holder. Waldman was mentored throughout his career by Dr. James E. Counsilman, widely considered the most successful coach of all time. When you work with Fluid Mechanics you provide your swimmer with the best opportunity in swimming.

Our Source

The best information from the most successful coach of all-time, Dr. James E. "Doc" Counsilman.

Dr. James E. "Doc" Counsilman

  • No. 1 most successful coach of all time
  • 20 Consecutive Big Ten titles
  • 6 Consecutive NCAA titles
  • Head coach of the United States Olympic men's swimming team. Winning 7 of 10 gold medals in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and 12 of 13 in the 1976 Montreal Olympics
  • 12 National AAU titles
  • Author of Science of Swimming - translated into 57 languages, distributed worldwide
  • He coached a multitude of world record holders and world champions such as Mark Spitz, Gary Hall Sr., Charles Hickcox, John Kinsella, and Mike Troy
  • Learn more about Counsilman

Through "Doc's" direct tutelage our founder, John B. Waldman became one of the world's premier swimmers. Having been mentored by Counsilman, Waldman has the tools and the knowledge to unlock the full potential of any swimmer. Their combined love for swimming and teaching lead to the invention of Fluid Mechanics.

John Waldman

  • Founder and Chairman of the "International Consortium of Experts"
  • Board Member of the Journal Of Swimming Research Coaches Review Board
  • Live Presenter Central States Coaches Clinic
  • Live Presenter International Swimming Hall of Fame Coaches Clinic
  • Live Presenter (4x) “World Aquatics (formerly FINA) Learning Platform
  • Live Presenter Navy SEALS - Mind Works
  • Live Presenter SOCOM - Mind Works
  • Author of over 150 visual study guides on High Performance Swimming
  • Creator of the Mind Works, FM Strength, FM Energy Systems educational series
  • Creator of the FM Animations, FM Discovery Center, FM College Pipeline
  • Inventor of FM Time Zone, FM Race Mapping, FM Training Planners
  • Creator of the FM VisionWorksTM Training System
  • Learn more about John Waldman

Our Program

The best program, customized to your swimmer. We pair our knowledge base with a custom “track” for each swimmer in order to progress through and develop their skills over a series of organized, systematic sessions. Our visual system for learning, called FM VisionWorksTM, is the world’s first program to use life-like avatars to teach the science of swimming. This ground-breaking training system utilizes the latest theories in sports psychology, exercise physiology, and biomechanics. With FM VisionWorksTM avatars, swimmers internalize advanced athletic concepts at-a-glance. Simply put, swimmers “see it, then do it.”

Our Information

  • Constantly Updated to Cutting Edge
  • Highly Organized
  • Refined for Easy Delivery
  • Presented Graphically to Quickly Grasp Concepts

Our Instructors

The best instructors, hand picked and trained by our in-house experts. Fluid Mechanics instructors always come from a competitive swimming background and often have backgrounds in education and applied psychology in order to ensure maximum effectiveness.

They start by interacting directly with swimmers and their parents to understand their goals and aspirations.Then our team of experts use the FM VisionWorksTM system to expand the swimmers’ capabilities and transform them into high performance athletes. Throughout the process, our experts leverage the FM VisionWorksTM training system to quickly teach complex swim concepts, giving each swimmer the confidence and skills they need to make their dreams come alive.

Swimmers have the opportunity to learn directly from these world-class consultants through personalized clinics, workshops, and specialized camps.

Qualities & Training

  • Swimming Experts
  • Backgrounds in Education and Applied Psychology
  • Excellent Communicators
  • Highly Trained, Rigorously Tested and Certified
  • Only a 2% Graduation Ratio

Our Athletes

The BEST athletes, selected by our instructors. We only work with highly motivated athletes, who are receptive to our information and dedicated to achieving their goals.

Our Approach

We focus on the whole swimmer by applying the science of swimming through in-water instruction, land-based strength-training programs, and mental preparation. Our hand-picked trainers are amazing teachers, who work with individual swimmers using our proprietary FM VisionWorksTM system. FM VisionWorksTM allows us to tailor a custom program for each swimmer that uses visualization techniques based on lifelike avatars to develop their skills.

Our Track Record

  • Over 6,500 swimmers in Junior Olympics, Zone and Sectional Championships
  • Over 2,400 swimmers in YMCA Nationals, Junior and Senior Nationals, NCAA Championships and Olympic Trials
  • Athletes swimming for nearly every major university, including Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, and University of Texas
  • Elite swimmers regularly participating in major international competitions, including the World Championships and Olympics

Our winning strategies can help any serious swimmer improve and reach new heights in both confidence and execution.