Fluid Mechanics is a competitive swim consulting company that specializes in 1-on-1 private swim instruction and speciality training in Strength & Flexibility, Mind Works, Energy Systems and Fuels. Our visual system for learning, called FM VisionWorksTM, is the world's first program to use lifelike avatars to teach the science of swimming. Simply put, swimmers "see it, then do it".


We work with swimmers from all competitive backgrounds; whether your swimmer aims to excel at the summer league, age group, national, collegiate or international level, Fluid Mechanics can help.


We have facilities in Northern & Central New Jersey as well as Eastern Pennsylvania, while supporting swimmers worldwide through online services.

We have used Fluid Mechanics for several years. Fluid Mechanics has been monumental in how my swimmer approaches the sport. They have been a coach, cheerleader, and occasionally swim therapist as my swimmer has aged from elementary school to high school. My swimmer has learned proper techniques, improved her speed and gained so much confidence over the years....take an introductory class and see all the ways they can help your swimmer. It’s 100% worth it!

Our son has been going to FM for 4-5 years. The attention and teaching of technique is detailed, thorough and fun. The growth in technique and confidence in our son's swimming has been great to see. He is now 14 and a top competitor in his age group in NJ

Thank you so much for all your help not only in improving his technique but in helping prepare his mental attitude to enhance his performance

Fluid Mechanics has been the best investment we've made in our son's swimming...Our only regret is why we did not start sooner. Fluid Mechanics Inc. and all their consultants are absolutely amazing.

Tatyana Guza★★★★★6 months ago
John has been an amazing swimming coach for my boy. He has a natural way with the kids, an inventive and fun approach, and never loses enthusiasm. My boy looks forward to swimming with John and have gained both a ton huge amount of confidence in the water, and real swimming skills. We cannot recommend him highly enough.
Julie DeSantis★★★★★11 months ago
We have had and continue to have a phenomenal experience with Fluid Mechanics. From the minute I called the first time to working with the coaches regularly, it has been an easy process and amazing training. My son enjoys the coaches and the training he receives. We watch videos from the various sessions which help you to see where you need to improve your technique or show you how to do something. It had been a great experience. We highly recommend it to other swimmers.
Tong Jing★★★★★11 months ago
I highly recommend Fluid Mechanic for anyone who wants to improve their strokes. The coaches are very patient and work closely and diligently with the swimmers. My son's coach, Olivia, has been very patient and paid a lot of attention to my son's swimming and gave him detailed instructions. I highly recommend this place.
B Daniels★★★★★11 months ago
Our son has been going to FM for 4-5 years. The attention and teaching of technique is detailed, thorough and fun. The growth in technique and confidence in our sons swimming has been great to see. He is now 14 and a top competitor in his age group in NJ. FM instructors know how to connect to the swimmer so that the technique is specific to that swimmers concerns. Highly recommend to any swimmer who wants to bring their technique to another level and get faster times.
Kristi Braine★★★★★11 months ago
Fluid has been great for my swimmer. She had a rough year with a plateau and was really down. Lisa from fluid is so great about not only fixing her strokes but, also, talking her through things. The video feedback and filming is an invaluable tool as it allows the swimmer to see what the are doing wrong and when they are doing something correctly. We saw time drops in her fly at the end of the season and it was from the technique training she did at fluid for the couple sessions before states. They continue to be available via text and video chats whenever we need, and always check in to see that she’s adjusting her goals as she moves forward. I would recommend fluid to anyone that wants to improve their swimmer’s technique and get them to the next level.
Amy Schwartz★★★★★2 years ago
I couldn’t be happier with all that my daughter has gained from her coaching at Fluid Mechanics. Briana is a wonderful coach. Her vast knowledge and ability to teach just the way my daughter needs to learn has been the key to seeing results in the pool. For those people whose kids have plateaued and are just going through the motions of swimming a lot of yards at practice, without much stroke development, this program is the perfect compliment. I love that she gets feedback from multiple consultants. They really do pay attention. The value is tremendous and we look forward to continuing our relationship moving forward.
Holly Howell★★★★★2 years ago
Fluid Mechanics helped my swimmer break out of a 2 yr plateau. Our consultant, Dan R, brought the joy and excitement back to swimming. In just the first 4 lessons with Dan, my daughter dropped the time she needed and committed to swim at her dream school- swimming NCAA D1 in California. Fluid Mechanics assessed her strengths, encouraged, and cheered her on. Dan gave her the tools and skills to self-correct her stroke. This makes her more efficient and so much faster! I only wish we'd done it sooner!!
Nancy Kunz-Merry★★★★★2 years ago
Fluid Mechanics has been a game changer for my son. He has been working with Fluid Mechanics coach Lisa Pizzuto for the last couple of years and he has moved from a kid that swims to a kid that sees himself as a swimmer and an athlete. His swim times continue to drop, and his understanding of the different strokes is becoming more and more sophisticated. Lisa is the best example of what a youth coach should be; she is incredibly knowledgeable, motivating and always very positive.
S R★★★★★2 years ago
Lisa has done an amazing job with my daughter in breaking down the technical aspects of each stroke into smaller components which are relatable for a visual learner. The videos really resonate and help to augment the ongoing coaching she receives from her club team. We have seen an improvement in her times overall. The videos in the extensive library Fluid Mechanics has alone are beneficial but when combined with the personal 1:1 coaching, my daughter’s swimming has been taken to the next level. Thank you!
Christine O★★★★★2 years ago
Nick at Fluid Mechanics is awesome. He has helped identify many areas of my sons stroke that need changes in order for him to reach his goals of getting faster and becoming a more efficient swimmer. The skill and confidence my son is gaining from his sessions with Nick are priceless. So thrilled we have found a program to address all of the needs a club coach cannot. Wish we found Fluid sooner!
Rupa Ramu★★★★★2 years ago
Fluid mechanics greatly helped my daughter improve her swimming technique. Dan is a phenomenal coach. He is always so patient and thorough. Dan was able to break down the swimming strokes to bite size pieces for my daughter and focus on one area at a time. This has helped her improve her strokes. Her stroke count has dropped by almost 40% since she started with Dan. We never thought this could be possible in such a short time. Her dives and turns also continue to improve.
Steve Yu★★★★★2 years ago
My children are very happy with Fluid Mechanics. They've improved their swimming tremendously. Coach Lisa and Coach John always give to-the-point advices, and have an easy-to-follow instructions. You can see their passion in teaching swimming and making kids a better swimmer. I highly recommend Fluid Mechanics.
Dagny Donaldson★★★★★2 years ago
I have been working with Nick Winograd at Fluid Mechanics for the past 4 months and he is a knowledgeable and excellent instructor. He has helped me to dramatically improve my freestyle technique which has enabled me to drop time in my events. Having been through the program himself as a young swimmer, Nick is able to communicate the techniques through various drills while also creating a fun and motivational environment for me to learn.
Nick is also an excellent communicator with my parents. Following each session, he sends a video explaining what we worked on, why it is important and follows up to answer any questions they may have. My family and I highly recommend Nick and Fluid Mechanics.
C G★★★★★2 years ago
Brianna at Fluid Mechanics has been the best investment we’ve made in our son’s swimming. Our son is young and she communicates with him effectively, breaking down the stroke technique in a way he fully understands it while still making it fun. He has a new found excitement for the sport and always looks forward to his lessons with Ms. Brianna. Our only regret is why we did not start sooner. Fluid Mechanics Inc and all their consultants are absolutely amazing. Tori in the office is very professional and matches you perfectly with a consultant to suit your swimmer’s needs. Our older son has worked with Allison, Brianna and Nick. He too is extremely happy with his progress and strategizes for his swimming with the knowledge he is acquiring through Fluid Mechanics. These folks are the real deal for serious swimmers. Their professionalism is unmatched!
Kerry McCloskey Berlet★★★★★2 years ago
My children have been working with Fluid Mechanics for several years and it has really transformed them as swimmers. My children in particular love the instruction of Nicolas Winograd. He really knows how to effectively breakdown every stroke and identify the parts they need to focus on to improve their speed and efficiency. I love getting the videos of the lessons with the animations. Really unique and helpful.
Michael★★★★★2 years ago
My kids swim at one of the big NJ clubs that, unfortunately, does not spend enough time working on technique. Dan Roth, their FM coach, helps them swim more efficiently and reduce their stroke count per lap (something not even addressed at the club). In addition, Dan has gone out of his way to help our athlete manage the mental side of the sport. This program is not a just a nice augmentation to what they get from the club, it is the key to their success in the sport.
Sandra Lalli★★★★★2 years ago
Dan Roth and Briannai Belardi are AMAZING, very thorough, break the strokes down to easily understand. I have three kids in the program and it has been a great experience for all.. Tori who does the scheduling is also great at working with you to make it all happen. Plan on continuing for long time to come!
Holly G★★★★★2 years ago
Excellent program! Coach Lisa Pizzuto is wonderful at correcting your swim strokes while explaining the hydro physics behind what will help improve your times. It's impossible not to advance if you follow Coach Lisa’s instructions!
Payal S★★★★★2 years ago
My daughter's timings have improved significantly ever since she started FM. Allison has really helped her swim more efficiently and escape a period of not dropping time. I only wish I had started sooner.
Nicolas Winograd★★★★★2 years ago
Fluid Mechanics provided me with the greatest resources available, allowing me to become the best swimmer I could be. I started working with them when I was 7 years old and continued all the way through college.
I loved working WITH them so much, that I now work FOR them- helping other swimmers achieve what I was able to do, thanks to FM!


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